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Mathematics-3 Online Live Tutorial Classes For B.Tech

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Mathematics-3 Online Live Tutorial Classes For B.Tech

Mathematics-3 Online Live Tutorial Classes For B.Tech

Objective Of Live Online Class Is To Inculcate The Problem Solving Ability In The Minds Of Students So As To Apply The Theoretical Knowledge To The Respective Branches Of Engineering.

Fourier series Online Tutor

Partial Differential Equations Online Tutor

One Dimensional Wave & Heat Equation Online Tutor

Two Dimensional Heat Equations Online Tutor

Fourier Transforms Online Tutor

Statement Of Fourier Integral Theorem – Fourier Transform Pairs – Fourier Sine And Cosine Transforms – Properties – Transforms Of Simple Functions – Convolution Theorem – Parseval’s Identity.

Call 9891500587 For Online Live Tuition Class For B.Tech Computer Science Engineering, Online Tutor For Data Structures using C++, Design & Analysis of Algorithms Online Tutor, Microprocessor & Interfacing Online Tutor, Probability & Queuing Theory Online Tutor, Principles of Programming Languages Online Tutor, Operating Systems Online Tutor, Computer Organization & Architecture Online Tutor, Principles of Communication Online Tutor, Theory of Computation Online Tutor, Compiler Design Online Tutor, Computer Networks Online Tutor, Data Base Management Systems Online Tutor, Operations Research Techniques Online Tutor, Object Oriented Analysis & Design Online Tutor, Software Engineering Online Tutor, Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems Online Tutor, Logic for Computer Science Online Tutor, VLSI Design & Embedded Systems Online Tutor, Parallel & Distributed Computing Online Tutor, Advanced Operating System Online Tutor  



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