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Fundamentals of Financial Management Coaching In Noida

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Fundamentals of Financial Management Coaching In Noida

Fundamentals of Financial Management Coaching In Noida

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Nature, scope and objectives of financial management, Time value of money, Risk and return (including Capital Asset Pricing Model). Long term investment decisions: The Capital Budgeting Process, Cash Flow Estimation, Payback Period Method, Accounting Rate of Return, Net Present Value (NPV), Net Terminal Value, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Profitability Index. Financing Decisions: Sources of long-term financing, Estimation of components of cost of capital, Methods for calculating Cost of Equity, Cost of Retained Earnings, Cost of Debt and Cost of Preference Capital, Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC). Capital Structure- Theories of Capital Structure (Net Income, Net Operating Income, MM Hypothesis, Traditional Approach). Operating and Financial leverage. Determinants of capital structure. Dividend Decisions: Theories for Relevance and irrelevance of dividend decision for corporate valuationWalter’s Model, Gordon’s Model, MM Approach, Cash and stock dividends. Dividend policies in practice. Working Capital Decisions: Concepts of Working Capital, Operating & Cash Cycles, sources of short term finance, working capital estimation, cash management, receivables management, inventory management.

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