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Analog Electronics Online Tutor For B.Tech

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Analog Electronics Online Tutor For B.Tech

Analog Electronics Online Tutor For B.Tech

B.Tech Tuition Classes are available for all India’s Top Most Universities and Colleges like IIT, NIT, IIIT, Kurukshetra University, Manipal University, VIT University, AMITY University, Jamia University, AMU, IPU University, AKTU University, JIIT University, Galgotia University and Many More. We also deliver B.Tech Tuition Class on Individual basis as well as in Group. We also deliver projects and assignment. For More Information Please, contact us or visit our office Call 9650308924, 9891500587

Review of diode and BJT, Bias stabilization: Need for stabilization, fixed Bias, emitter bias, self-bias, bias stability with respect to variations in Ico, VBE & β, Stabilization factors, thermal stability. Bias compensation techniques.

Small signal amplifiers: CB, CE, CC configurations, hybrid model for transistor at low frequencies, RC coupled amplifiers, mid band model, gain & impedance, comparisons of different configurations, Emitter follower, Darlington pair(derive voltage gain, current gain, input and output impedance). Hybrid-model at high frequencies (π model).  Multistage Amplifiers: Cascade and cascode amplifiers, Calculations of gain, impedance and bandwidth.

Design of multistage amplifiers.

Feedback Amplifiers: Feedback concept, Classification of Feedback amplifiers, Properties of negative Feedback amplifiers, Impedance considerations in different configurations. Analysis of feedback Amplifiers.

Field Effect Transistor: Introduction, Classification, FET characteristics, Operating point, Biasing, FET small signal Model, enhancement & Depletion type MOSFETS, MESFET, FET Amplifier configurations (CD,CG and CS).

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