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About Us

About Courses For All(CFA) Academy Of Career Development

Best Tuition Institute In Noida

Courses For All(CFA) Academy Of Career Development Is An Educational Division Of Pushti Infotech Pvt. Ltd. It Is Working Since 2006, But Professionally It Was Founded In The Year 2009 To Impart Quality Based Education To The Students Of University, Colleges And School.
We Have Professional And Teacher Team Have 20+ Years Of Experience That Will Provide The Entire Student By Indivisibly. We Provide Special Classes For Those Students Are Weak In Any Subjects. Extra Classes Will Help Them To Score Good Marks In The Exam. We Also Provide Extra Classes At Time Of Exam For Every Student So That They Can Clear There Exam Easily. So Join Us For Tuition and Tutorial Classes For B.Tech Online Tuition Class, B.Tech Tuition Classes In Noida, Mechanical Engineering Tuition Classes, Computer Science Engineering Tuition Classes In Noida, Electronic Engineering Tuition Classes In Noida, Electrical Engineering Tuition Classes In Noida, Civil Engineering Tuition Class, BCA Tuition, MCA Tutorial, Civil Engineering Tuition Classes, Electrical Engineering Tuition Classes, AMIE Tuition Classes, MBA Tutorial Classes, Engineering Tuition Classes, Electronic Engineering Tuition Classes In Noida, B.Sc Subjects Tuition, BA Subjects Tuition, BA-LLB Subjects Tuition, CTET/UPTET Tuition, CLAT Tutorial, PCS(J) Tutorial Class,
Courses For All(CFA) Academy Is Working In The Different Verticals Like –

BCA Subjects Coaching Tuition Class In Noida
  • B.Tech,AMIE – Mechanical Engineering Tutorial & Coaching Classes
  • B.Tech,AMIE – Electronic & Communication Engineering Tutorial & Coaching Classes
  • B.Tech,AMIE – Electrical & Electronic Engineering Tutorial & Coaching Classes
  • B.Tech,AMIE – Computer Science Engineering Tutorial & Coaching Classes
  • B.Tech,AMIE – Civil Engineering Tutorial & Coaching Classes
  • MBA, BBA, B.Com(P/H) Tuition Classes
  • MBA & BCA Tuition Classes
  • BA & B.Sc. Tuition Classes
  • English Spoken & Personality Development Classes
  • B.Tech Online Classes For All Stream Of Engineering
  • Class I to X Maths, Science, English, Social Science, English Tuition Classes
  • Class XI & XII Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, English Tuition Classes
  • Class XI & XII Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Tuition Classes
  • Class XI & XII Arts Subjects Psychology, Political Science, English, History, Economics Tuition Classes
  • MBBS, B.Phrama Tutorial Classes
  • Home Tuition Services For Classes I – XII, B.Tech, BBA, MBA, MCA, B. Com(P/H), BA, B.Sc
  • GATE / PSUs / IAS / PCS Coaching Classes
  • MCA, BCA, MBA, BBA, LAW, Polytechnic Entrance Exam Coaching
  • French, German Languages Courses
  • Computer Course-C/C++/.NET/JAVA/PHP/Python/Web-Designing/ Linux/Embedded/Basic Computer

 Our strength is quality based education. Most of the Institute focuses on the quantity, but we believe in Quality. In these 10+ Years of our services to the Student, we have seen many Institutes which opened and in next few months closed. We Believe that students are the torch bearer of the societies and the things that we are teaching them should be solid enough so that they again returned back to society as an Engineers, Professional and of course as a good human.

At Courses For All(CFA) Academy we don’t only teach them, but also make their foundation solid and we assist them with their psychological pressure regarding their study.

Courses For All Academy is a wonderful place for those students who wanted to excel in their life as a professionals, doctors, engineers etc. All Subjects Tutorial classes are available under a single roof.

I would like to thank to the Parents, Teachers and our students for making Courses For All Academy, NOIDA number 1 Tuition Center for Professional and Technical Studies.

Why You Join Us

Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to start such a institute where we can provide coaching for all courses Under a single roof.

Swami Jyanand Jee Giri is the guiding force behind the institute. He inspired to build an ideal institute to radiate peace and harmony through the percolation of pure education. The aim of imparting education to the masses is not only to make them successful but also to cure to all the ills of the society. It is the first step towards making a civilized world where ideas and intellect rule, banishing ill-will and discrimination. Our aim of imparting education to the masses is not only to make successful professionals, but also to make them perfect human beings. The shift from the material to the spiritual aspect of education ensures that the educated radiate energy to all the people around them and pull them to an elevated state where peace and bliss can be enjoyed unhindered. It is with pure education that one can expand the internal horizons, enabling one to experience joy in the very state of being. To build an ideal educational institution that radiates peace and harmony by imparting pure education to all the strata of society. As an institution, it thrives on and inculcates values like commitment, dedication, discipline, devotion and innovation in the subjects. The foundation of the institute remains a stead fast commitment to imparting pure and holistic education. This institute is established under the guidance of experienced techno crafts from premier management and engineering institute. The institute was meant to fill the void in terms of quality and wholesome education. The institute believes that the students are the torchbearers of the society, and go on to shape tomorrows. It is highly imperative that each student receives the same opportunities and is provided with the optimum environment to excel in life. At Courses For All Academy of Career Development we cater to students from all walks of life. We leave no stone unturned to integrate each student in the mainstream and make available to them the best of facilities.

The Institutes are located at prominent location well connected with all modes of transport. All the classrooms are fully air conditioned having modern interiors and furniture. Computers labs are equipped with latest computers along with internet connectivity.

Swami Jyanand Jee